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System Shock 3.5” Limited Floppy Edition

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Nightdive Studios, LLC. today brandished their latest nostalgia throwback with the announcement of the System Shock 3.5” Limited Floppy Edition. Nightdive’s “System Shock,” the faithful reboot to one of the most influential first-person action games in history, “System Shock,” was the inspiration for the 1,684 pound System Shock 3.5” Limited Floppy Edition (SS3.5LFE), which is available for pre-order today at U.S. retailers and in other regions later this week. Beginning with the worldwide release of “System Shock”, fans can immerse themselves with the SS3.5LFE, which features an astounding 38,195 floppy disks, shipped in a 2 ton pallet for an estimated retail price of $80,000 (USD). “We really wanted new players to feel the excitement of loading their game from floppy...

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